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Coffee Enthusiasts,
Dog Lovers, Baristas with Passion

Since 2017, we have nestled ourselves in the community as a Billing neighborhood coffee shop.  We love good coffee, people, and dogs, on top of an aware and thoughtful community.

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the black
dog family

The Faces behind the Counter

Each day the Black Dog Team pitches up to deliver your morning ritual of great coffee and a warm conversation.  Our values extend from customers, to the producers (farmers) to working with other local businesses. We love the art of coffee.

the art
of espresso

We are meticulous in brewing, aiming for the perfect extraction that respects the bean's unique terroir and the story it has to tell. By educating both our team and patrons, we create a shared appreciation for the craft and community behind every cup we serve.

A barista making coffee in black and white.
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