Pouring Over Drippers

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Pouring Over Drippers

Pour overs have become immensely popular in recent years. From something primarily acquired in specialty cafés, to a counter top commodity anyone can afford. 

Letting intricate single origins shine, and pulling the best out of any blend, pour overs are worth every second spent crafting. 

But, which dripper should we be using? Let’s pour over our choices…

The Drippers

Choosing your weapon in the pour over game cam be a tough choice, there are any options to choose from! 

I’ll list a few here and go over some of the perks of each one. Not to rank them best to worst, as it mostly depends on how you use it compared to which one you use.  


Born in 1941 this brewer has stood the test of time. Simple, elegant, and consistently stellar in the cup it produces, the easygoing nature of the Chemex makes it one of the best pour over devices to start with, while still allowing for maximum experimentation for the experienced  crowd.

This device can handle multiple cups at a time, and comes in several sizes making it ideal for larger gatherings or busy work days. 


Named after the dripper's 60 degree angle, while a bit more finicky than the Chemex, this device will bring out intricacies in your cup you didn’t know were there.

Ceramic, glass, plastic, you name it, there’s a V60 made out of it. Each material has it’s unique quirks that affect the way you brew with it. The plastic retains heat best, the ceramic cools down very quickly, but is the nicest to handle, and the glass has better heat retention than the ceramic but breaks easier than the others… the choice is yours. 

Kalita Wave:

Similar to the previous brewer, the Kalita differs mainly with it’s flat bottom as opposed to the open bottom of the V60. This requires a different brewing style and thus will challenge the way we traditionally approach pour overs. 

With two sizes, this brewer can handle bigger batches for a crowd, or focus on a single audience attempting to taste the most. 


This gem was invented by an American toy maker, bored of brewing coffee the same way. It’s unique meld of immersion and pressure styles of brewing results in a wonderful cup so smooth and buttery we wish we had toast on hand every single time. 

The Aeropress come with some sweet attachments, like the Fellow Prismo, which can emulate espresso, and is so travel friendly everyone should own one.

The Draw Down

These are only a handful of the many options available. The big wide world of pour overs is only expanding, so get out there and find your vessel to the ultimate cup!

Just keep in mind taste is king, and whatever recipe attached to whatever dripper that works for you world for you. There might be more efficient ways to do things, but they aren’t necessarily better.