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Seasonal Specials  


Issue No. 6, Ethan Cullingworth

The change of season is something unavoidable, yet often welcome. Weather it’s a change from the heat and cold or the rain and sun, our habits routines and diets change alongside the weather.

We sleep longer or shorter, eat more or less, and even change what we eat. Coffee is no different for most of us. When it gets hot out the cold brew, iced lattes, and teas start taking the world by storm. When it gets cold there’s nothing like the company of a hot cup of coffee. 

Seasonal changes also means at Black Dog our special menu changes. Seeing as all life revolves around the seasons, we figured we would base our specials around them, too, in order to hopefully meet you where you’re at. 

Where do they come from? 

The wonderful people behind the bar create each and every one. We take the time and effort to think about tasty combinations and how we might craft them into actual drinks. Attempting to keep them fresh and exciting, not repeating ourselves or making basic brews, can be a bit intimidating. We know what we like, but we’re guessing for the rest of you! 

We also do our best to stay away from overly sugary or refined flavors. Home cooking our syrups and using natural ingredients in them, goes a long way we feel like, and tastes better. 

We just recently installed some planters on out patio with some herbs at Black Dog One, which we will be using for our summer specials this season! Look forward to some delectable drinks that will include flavors like lavender, mint, and lemon balm. Though Autumn and winter will prove trickier when it comes to growing our own herbs, we have a feeling our good friends over at Roots might be able to help us.

We all get a chance to enter a drink idea. After everyone who wishes to enters a drink, we taste them and whittle the count down to the best five!

Where do they go?

Besides in all of your tummy’s, the specials menu disappears with the past season. While we love crafting your favorite drinks, often times we can’t recreate past specials as we don’t have the ingredients on hand. If it’s not a staple item we won’t restock it and have it in the store. Due to COVID, getting our hands on even staple items can be hard nowadays...

Its always worth asking if we can make it, however, nespecially if you know what the special was made with, but we can’t promise we will be able to create the exact drink. Maybe take a photo of the menu so you know what was in it, and if we happen to have what the special drink requires, we would love to make exactly that for you. 

In the mean time, keep snatching up our creations and encouraging our creativity. As long as the specials sell, and we hear how much you love them, they will keep on appearing. In fact, mention this blog and your favorite of our specials for a 10% discount on your next one.