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brew guide


Start brewing coffee you can be proud of with your Aeropress. This is an ideal method for the coffee lover on the go to brew a full-bodied cup of coffee.

step 1

Using the inverted method you flip your AeroPress over so the numbers are upside down. Take the plastic basket off and pull the plunger down until it is resting just below the upside down “4” but still sealing the bottom.

step 2

Place filter into plastic basket and rinse with 205-206 degree Fahrenheit water. Rinse the chamber of your AeroPress with the same water and discard.

step 3

Grind 22g of coffee on fine - but a little coarser than espresso - and place into the AeroPress chamber.

Pressing the aeropress plunger
step 4

Make your first pour (bloom) x2 more than the amount of your dry coffee (dry coffee = 22g, bloom = 45g water) and stir. Wait 30 seconds. Then pour 85g water to bring your total to 130g in the chamber.

Aidan drinking coffee
step 5

Place the plastic basket on AeroPress. At 1:15mins flip AeroPress over onto your mug of choice and begin slowly but surely pushing coffee through the basket until none is left. Cut your coffee with 135g water to make the total amount 265g. Enjoy.