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brew guide


Start brewing coffee you can be proud of with your Hario V60. This method allows for you to brew a smooth cup of coffee with different nuances of flavor.

step 1

Fold seam of V60 filter over and place into your V60 dripper. Put your V60 on top of your vessel/carafe of choice.

step 2

Rinse V60 filter with 205-206 degree Fahrenheit water and discard the water after it has run through completely.

step 3

Grind out 25g of coffee on medium-fine and put in V60 filter

step 4

Make your first pour ( bloom ) x2 the weight of your dry coffee amount (dry coffee = 25g, bloom = 50g water) and stir. Wait 30 seconds and then pour 50g every 15 seconds until you reach 300g by 1:30 mins. At 1:45 mins pour 100g to reach a total of 400g.

step 5

Draw down should take around 3:30 mins to finish. Ensure a flat bed of coffee at the end.

step 6

Cheers and Enjoy!