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brew guide


Start brewing coffee you can be proud of with your Chemex. Below are steps to follow to have you brewing coffee like a barista.

step 1

Put your kettle on and heat filtered water to 205-206 degrees Fahrenheit.

step 2

Unfold paper filter with the three layers facing the spout of your Chemex.

step 3

Grind 30g of coffee a little coarser than drip coffee. Discard old rinse water from Chemex and add coffee to the filter.

step 4

Pour the first pour ( bloom ) x2 the amount of dry coffee amount ( dry coffee = 30g,  bloom = 60g water ) and stir. Wait 45 seconds as it blooms.

step 5

After bloom, add 140g water to bring total to 300g. At 2:15 mins pour the final 100g for a complete amount of 400g.

step 6

Draw down should take around 4:00mins to finish. Ensure a flat coffee bed at the end. Enjoy.